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SuperFlip™ - Free

Exactly What is Super Flip! Interlace Software?

Super Flip! is a flexible WIN 95/98/NT, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Intel Mac program for interlacing graphic images to fit a lenticular screen. Super Flip! can be used to make winkie-blinkie flip images, motion, or 3-D lenticulars. Flip! accepts up to 300 images in the tiff, CMYK tiff, gif, bmp, jpeg, or pcx formats and outputs a tiff file ready for printing, outputting to film, or color separations. Super Flip! will resize or stretch images to fit a desired output size, saving lots of preparation time. Super Flip! will automatically detect when a resolution enhancement is possible and give you a choice of how much of a resolution boost to make. Super Flip! can print alignment lines around the image, and the user can specify the size and location of the marks. Projects can be named and saved. Super Flip! will remember the files used and the settings when a project is loaded. Super Flip! will print a screen pitch test (in the Utilities Menu) to help you determine the exact linescreen lpi. Super Flip! can switch from inputs in inches to inputs in cm.


MAC Users:

SuperFlip is a PC based program.  SuperFlip will work on an Intel MAC with Boot Camp installed.  You will also need to have a version of windows installed and running before installing the SuperFlip Software.  SuperFlip will work with Parallels and VMware Fusion installed.



For more information from the creators of Super Flip! Software click this link.



3D PRO Plus - $995.00

You push the shutter release. 3D Pro Plus does the rest. Your photo appears instantly in the work area. Backgrounds, overlays and clip art are applied automatically. Subjects are sized and positioned automatically. Whether you want to apply one template or ten, it's all automatic. Manual editing is a breeze also. Independent layer control? Sure, we've got it. We designed 3D Pro Plus to do one thing; produce amazing photo products with speed and efficiency. All within an interface that anyone can operate. Seriously, you're going to love it.


* Native tethering, hot import or Eye-Fi capture.

* Superb green screen removal with restore.

* Automatic processing of backgrounds & overlays.

* Up to 500 presets for one-click processing.

* Completely customizable work flow and output.

* Batch processing.

* Set coordinates for subject positioning.

* Customer sessions with bar code association.

* Optional web store with automatic synchronization.

* Customer preview on second display.

* Attraction slide show mode.

* Backup and restore workstation configuration.

* Custom canvases for specialty products.


Send our condolences to your competitors. Because they certainly won't be happy when they find out what's in your arsenal. Lenticular 3D and flip photos, face swap with color matching and facial recognition, caricature effects, Warhol-style pop art, comic filters, talk bubbles, text tool, independent layers with reordering, opacity control, mirror (horizontal flip), clone brush, painting tools, vignettes and edge effects, sepia, black and white, and more. And because 3D Pro Plus supports a large number of Photoshop plugins, you have virtually thousands of filter options at your disposal. We don't like to brag or anything, but it's pretty great. Maybe you'll never use this extra functionality, but it's nice to know it's there. Quite simply you get more bang for your buck over other solutions.





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SocialVue Software - $995.99

Social media is huge. If you’re not offering social sharing options to your event or attraction customers, your competitors will. Customers love sharing their photos. Your clients love the free viral marketing and brand awareness that social sharing provides. Use on any Windows touch screen computer or tablet for an instant customer-operated sharing station. Upload photos to Facebook, Twitter or email with an attractive, customizable interface.


Customize the interface with your own background or use one of the several included. Add an optional text banner to display a welcome message at the bottom of the display. Format the slideshow for any display size. Add an overlay image to include a company logo. Add your own outgoing email, Facebook or Twitter message to accompany the photo. SocialVue is a simple to navigate and very easy to manage. Just point it to your source folder and you’re ready to go.


SocialVue will work on the same laptop as the Capture software for trade shows and lower pace locations.




Click Here for SocialVue

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