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  1. New Customer
  2. Creating 3D using Photoshop CC & CS6
  3. Creating 3D using Photoshop CS5
  4. Attaching a Photo using a 3D Photo Frame
  5. Attaching a Photo using a Laminator
  6. Attaching a Photo using a Squeegee

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3D FAQ's

What is VueThru.com?

We teach our customers how to create their own lenticular images and provide them lenticular supplies. We strive to do whatever we can to help you with your lenticular needs; whether its for business, school or personal interest.


What is a 3D lenticular?

A 3D lenticular is a holographic effect developed when placing a lenticular lens over a 3D interlaced photo.


How hard is it to do a 3D Lenticular?

Not hard. The 3D graphics are prepared using layers in Photoshop and Interlaced using 3DMasterKit. The 3D layers are saved for a future event.


Event and Photo Booth Lenticular Souvenirs

Professional Event Photographers and Photo Booth Owners using the correct equipment will find they can create 3D, Flip, Morph, and GIF Lenticular Souvenirs fast and easy, using our Lenticular Photo Frames.


For 3D, at the event you use a green screen process to leave only the guest from the photo which then is positioned between the pre-interlaced 3D Foreground and 3D Background (see 3D Dino Project for interlacing)using an Event Photo Software, like PhotaMate Pro. Print and add the photo to the Lenticular Photo Frame.


For Flip / Morph / GIF Lenticular Souvenirs, check out LA Photo Party's, Getting Started with Lenticular Printing, for videos that show the Flip / Morph / GIF Lenticular process using their software and our Lenticular Photo Frames.


3D Lenticular Project

Our 3D Dino Project was created to teach the basics of the 3D Lenticular Process.  3D Dino Project


3D Lenticular Graphics Interlacing and Printing Instructions

We show using layers saved from PSD file and provide settings using 3DMasterKit by Triaxes.com to create an interlaced 6x4 3D Dinosaur project for Inkjet and Dye Sub Printers!


Professional / Dye Sub printing of 3D Graphics: PhotaMate Pro is used in many professional locations.


VueThru Stereo 3D customers use Stereo Tracer software by Triaxes.com.


Why do I need to do a Training Project?

Every first order of Lenticular Lens from VueThru.com comes with a training project, free. The purpose of the training projects is to ensure that your equipment is working correctly and that you are properly following the instructions step by step. We inform all of our customers that following the interlacing, printing and laminating instructions is critical when working with any lenticular project. Each project comes with printed samples. These samples are used as targets for you to compare your own lenticular print after completing the project. Without completing a project, we cannot diagnose any issues that occur when creating your own lenticular prints.


Need more training consider our Lenticular Training Kits.  Packed full with Flip or 3D instructions and a lot of training materials.  Or complete the form to sign up for one of Training classes.


What if I don't own 3DMasterKit but just want to try out 3D lenticular?

You can download a demo version of 3DMasterKit at www.3DMasterKit.com


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Lenticular Tips

• Avoid thin lines (especially going the same direction as the lenticular lines).

• Avoid type smaller than 14 points.

• Avoid solid colors, especially black, and/or white backgrounds. Use a busy or textured background or a common background when practical.

• Make sure all art files are editable whenever possible, this is especially true for 3D and Zoom lenticulars where layered files are used to create the effect.

• Avoid flipping from one high-contrast element to another.


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3D Lenticular Training

We have a selection of Lenticular Training options available to choose from. Learn from your own home, come to us or we come to you. If you are unsure of which Lenticular Training is for you, feel free to call our office (702-897-6185) for additional support.

The absolute easiest way to learn how to create Lenticular 3D! Images.  If you can read and follow instructions there is a 98% chance that you can learn to create Magical Flip! Cards.  Really its not  Voodoo Magic, just about anyone can learn how to create Lenticular 3D! Cards using our Lenticular Training Kits.



There are 3 critical steps that you need to know to be able create your own Lenticular 3D Images!



Today most Printers available at any Office Supply Store are capable of printing Fantastic 3D Images right out of the box.  What we find when they don't, is that the critical steps and instructions were not followed.  If you do it once and it does not work, go back and do it again paying close attentions to the steps. If it still does not work, we are always here to help. Our 3D Lenticular Training Kit provides you all the steps you need to create amazing 3D Images!



Loading your images into the Interlace Software and printing them would be so much easier if you knew what works or how to eliminate or reduce banding and ghosting.  Our 3D Lenticular Training Kit tells you!



Align and attach your print to the lens ,  Our 3D Lenticular Training Kit shows you!


We share the Secrets with you.  The TIP, TRICKS and SETTINGS needed to create Lenticular 3D Image Cards that you could SELL!


That right, you can Start A Business Creating and Selling Magic 3D! Cards.  Its already being done.  VueThru has sold thousands of 4" x 6" and 5" x 7" Lenticular Blanks around the globe.


3D Lenticular Training Kit - $ 19.99 for 3D Training kit. Work at you own pace, self taught, we are only a phone call away with support.


Our 3D Lenticular Training Kit is designed to teach anyone how to interlace, print and attach a lenticular lens to a 3D lenticular print. The 3D Project includes a 3D Dinosaur color target, lenticular supplies and an online link (on the back of the target) to artwork and instructions to help guide you through the basics of 3D lenticular lenticular printing and attaching the printed image to a lenticular lens.

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Tried it or Don't think you can get it on your own, no problem! Come Visit us in Las Vegas NV for one on one training or we can visit you for Training at your location.

Train in Vegas or On - Site at your Location


Call 702-897-6185 or email sales@vuethru.com

Our Location - $ 500.00

Learn at our location in Las Vegas, NV.

•   The Lenticular Learning Kit above.

•   All Lenticular Materials used.

•   4 Hours of One on One Instructions.

•   Follow up Email and Phone Support.


Please complete the Request Form or call for more details.  (Price does not include your Air Fare or Hotel)


Your Location - $ 1000.00

(Includes Air & Hotel)

Learn at your location.

•   The Lenticular Learning Kit above.

•   All Lenticular Materials used.

•   1 Day of One on One Instructions.

•   Follow up Email and Phone Support.


Please complete the Request Form or call for more

details.  (Price does not include your Air Fare or






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