Small Format Lenticular - 6" wide x 4" tall.

Printed on a Canon Printer cost new $69 on Amazon.

Large Format Lenticular - 8' wide x 7' tall.

Printed on a Mutoh Falcon. Printer cost new $17,000.

Inkjet Lenticular Printing.

Just a few years ago that meant owning a Hi-Resolution Large Format Inkjet. Our first inkjet printer, a  Mutoh Falcon RJ6100 which we are proud to say is still alive and printing. (a testament to Mutoh equipment dependability and cost $17,000 new!)


Now, Inkjet Lenticular Printing can be printed on anything from a $100 table top inkjet printer to a several hundred thousand dollar commercial flat bed inkjet printer and everything in between.


Just a few examples:

•  The Cat N Mouse Magical 2 Image Flip Card (6" wide x 4" tall) was printed on a Canon IP7220 Printer and is part of our Lenticular Lens Blanks program.  At Lenticular Lens Blanks we provide training and support to anyone interested in creating Lenticular Flip! Cards as a Hobby or a Business. Thats right you can start a business selling the Lenticular Flip! Cards you create without any of the ridiculous Franchise Fees or Equipment Startup Costs.  We offer FREE Lenticular Software.  A Lenticular Learning Kit that makes learning Lenticular EASY.  Support via email or phone.  We stock Lenticular Lens in sizes ranging from 2" x 3" to 20" x 32" that is sold with Optically Clear Adhesive applied.  Custom sizes are available upon request.  If you are interested in creating Lenticular Flip! Cards call or email Jay at 702.897.6185 jay@vuethru.com.


•  The Sikorsky Helicopter 2 Panel 3D Print (8' wide x 7' tall) was printed on a Mutoh RJ6100 and

hand mounted to Micro Lens Super 3D 20 LPI Outdoor Lens.  Our friends at Micro Lens supply Large Format Lenticular Lens to the world.  Micro Lens specializes in Large Lenticular Sheets up to 50" wide x 100" tall.  If you need Large Format Lenticular Sheets you can complete the Contact Us Form or call Jim Owens at Micro Lens at 704.893.2109.  Tell Jim we sent you.


•  The Florida State National Champions Print (28' wide x 6' tall) was printed on a commercial flat bed printer by our friends at Lentix.  Lentix has mastered the Lenticular Panel to Panel transition. If you need Extremely Large Format Lenticular Printing you can complete the Contact Us Form or call Cheryl Bartley at Lentix at 865.934.0712.  Tell Cheryl we sent you.

Large Format Lenticular - 28' wide x 6' tall.

Printed on a commercial flat bed printer.  Printer cost new over $200,000.

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