Custom Window Ads


What is the Future of Advertising?


The New Frontier is Window Advertising.

In every city you will see Vehicle Wraps on city buses, delivery trucks, cars and SUV’s. High rise office buildings will have advertising for large corporations who can afford to pay the $3,500 and more that these Building and Vehicle Wraps can cost.  Compared to traditional forms of advertising on billboards, bus shelters, and in the Yellow Pages, this price can be a huge savings for large businesses with equally large advertising budgets. But to the home-based, small, or any size business with little to no advertising budget, this price can still be well out of reach.


VueThru recognized this and developed Custom

Window Advertising Wraps.


(Most state law prohibit the application of window tint to the front windshield and drivers and passengers front side windows. Consult local laws regarding the application of window tint prior to purchase.)



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