Why use a VueThru Photo System?

To be remembered, of course.


Every VueThru Photo Souvenir System create Memory Triggers. The visual product sends your customer back to the exact moment they screamed and laughed at your location; flying upside down on your amazing roller coaster or shrieking in terror when your actor with the chainsaw jumped from behind the wall. Sight is one of the strongest senses. A VueThru Photo Souvenir System can provide several types of memory triggers:


1. Social Media: When the camera fires, the photo is saved into a special Social Media folder and made available for uploads to Email, Facebook, or Twitter. Depending on the event, and if you are selling other VueThru Photo Souvenir System products, offering the social media upload to the customer is usually done last as an up-sell or can be free to all customers. Your choice! Taking advantage of the social media buzz can be a huge bonus for any location. For every customer who uploads their photo with your location branded graphics to Facebook, the return could be 10 or more new customers.  Keeping ideas fresh and always changing at your location, including making changes to the graphics used with the uploads, will help  repeat business. For example, changing characters used in the graphics that are uploaded daily will potentially help generate repeat business.


The Memory Trigger Strength Cycle of Social Media uploads:

Starts high, but the buzz fades quickly, so make sure you take advantage of all those captured emails for Promotional Marketing.


2. Printing standard 2D photos: All VueThru Photo Souvenir Systems will print 2D photos. Selling 2D attraction photos was big business not long ago. Today, selling 2D photos is tough, everyone with an iPhone thinks they are a professional photographer, and not interested. Still though, low cost dye sub printed 4x6 photos can have their place as up-sell items and for promotional give-a-ways. Also having a same size, 6x8, 2D version of your 3D Photo Souvenir as an up-sell works great when someone wants additional photos for grandma.


The Memory Trigger Strength Cycle of 2D photos:

Starts high, lasts short term.  Photos are put on the refrigerator and usually fall off a couple of times before they end up in the dog food bowl, in a photo book, in a drawer, or in the trash.


Sadly, with most Social Media / Photo products thats all there is, a standard 2D photos with or without a basic social media upload to the business or photographers Facebook page.  The Memory Trigger Strength Cycle for these locations is short lived.  Most location owners or management are not aware there are other options available. Or maybe the location is using a Photo Concessionaire Services. Usually the service has no ties to the location or community and has no vested interest in the long term customer / business relationship. Typical employees of photo concessionaire services are newly hired, thinking about whats next for them, and not really interested in your success or your customers entertainment. On bad weather or slow days they may not show up at all, killing your chance to be remembered. You have choices, your best bet is to operate the photo operation in house using staff that you can control and if that is not possible, at least hire someone you trust to run the photo business at your location.  The clear choice on software is a package that offers something different, fresh and new ideas.  One that allows the customers to control where they would like to upload their photos and produces an amazing souvenir.


3. Kick-Ass Photo Souvenirs: Customers perceive 3D as being high end; very expensive, and not to mention having themselves being in a 3D photo. Try going anywhere and having a 3D photo taken of yourself for less than a hundred dollars. They can't, and your guests with iPhones, who think they are professional photographers, can't create 3D Photo Souvenirs either.


The VueThru 3D Photo Souvenir is very cool and your customer is part of the amazing 3D graphics. They will keep their 3D Photo Souvenir forever. With the provided easel backer, your customer will display their 3D Photo Souvenir with your location brand on a table, desk, or a mantel in their home or office.  The unbelievable bonus is that the 3D Photo Souvenirs are also a great conversation starter. Anyone, family or friends, who see the 3D Photo Souvenir will hear from your customer about their experiences. This could happen once or 50 times more the first year, providing your location with potential new customers and it didn't cost you anything.


Many people ask, "What price should I sell the 3D Photo Souvenirs for?" I tell them as low as they possibly can afford. Then I get the blank stare. I get it, this is business, everyone needs to make money. Each location is different and needs to decide whether you are looking for short term or long term gains.


I believe getting a 3D Photo Souvenir into the hands of every customer gives your location the greatest long term Memory Trigger potential.


The Memory Trigger Strength Cycle of 3D Photo Souvenirs:

Starts high, lasts forever.  Your customers will remember your location and brand several times a year, by themselves, just by seeing their 3D Photo Souvenir. Initially, that's all you were looking for, to have your location be remembered. The added bonus of your customer sharing their 3D Photo Souvenir with your location branded graphics is huge and you cannot put a price on that.

Starts high, fades quickly

Starts high, short term

Starts high, last forever

Just to recap, 3D Pro Plus Memory Triggers Strength Cycle

        • Social Media Uploads:
        • Standard 2D Photos:
        • 3D Photo Souvenirs:


Why add the VueThru Photo System to your location?


You put a lot of work into your location and want your guests to:

  • Have a great experience.
  • Tell their family and friends.
  • Come back again.


Benefits of have a VueThru Photo System at your location:

  • Social Media sharing with Email, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Perfect Souvenir for both you and your customers.
  • Fast On-Site Production of Photo Souvenirs.
  • Increase Revenue and Brand Visibility.
  • Every time your guests look at their personalized photo they will remember their experiences and also see your Brand.
  • Photos are kept forever and shared with family and friends.

What other customers are saying about VueThru

“VueThru offers the perfect opportunity to increase revenue while providing customers with an opportunity to memorialize their experience at your attraction with a unique souvenir photo like no other that is sure to last for years to come!

The VueThru Photo System is cost effective, easy to implement and even easier to use! Jay and his team are so easy to work with and are willing to do anything to make your event a complete success!”

—Nicci Fears, Phobius Haunted House


“VueThru’s Photo System is loads of fun and a great fundraiser— it gets rave reviews from our guests! It’s easy to set up and use, and the customer service is unbeatable— they stand behind their products all the way.”

—Greg Miller, Preston Castle Foundation