Question: How do I make the most money selling photos!


At the risk of giving away trade secrets, the basics of any photo system is a camera, a computer running software and a delivery method, digital or print. Thats all! Yes and no. Yes, you could probably use an old Polaroid camera and maybe give a few photos away to friends, No, you are not going to sell a lot!


There are 3 questions a locations needs to ask before jumping in to selling photo!

Question 1, Do you really want to sell Photos?

Question 2, Do you want to sell Digital or Printed Photos?

Question 3, Do you want to use an operator (photographer) to take (capture) your customers photos?


Answer 1, Do you really want to sell Photo?

Selling photos has several requirements! But probably at the top of the list, would be you, the owner of the location, the event manager, the person in charge. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, do you really want to make money selling photos! That’s 1st. If it is more important to you, to pull Johnny off taking photos, because Timmy called off sick, and you need Johnny to scare someone. Don’t waste your money! It’s not rocket science! In order to sell a photo you have to take (capture) a photo!


Answer 2, Do you want to sell Digital or Printed Photo?

This answer can be complicated, but a quick answer is, selling digital photos is easier than selling printed photos. The necessary equipment for a Printed Photo System can costs 2 to 3 times more than a Digital Delivery System. Not counting additional staffing and an area to sell printed photos! See below for a more detailed answer.


Answer 3, Do you want to use an operator (photographer) to take (capture) your customers photos?

This goes back to Answer 1, will you use an operator (photographer) to take (capture) your customer photos?



(Take Photo)


(Standard - Green Screen)


(Digital or Print)

Photo Systems Comparisons

DSLR Systems:

Webcam Systems:

Equipment & Software:

(no metal cabinet)

Shown: Webcam System with Zombie Girl Acrylic Face.

Shown: Equipment & Software (Metal Tripod, no cabinet)

Shown: DSLR Queue Line System

Why Us!  Why use VueThru Photo Systems?

To be remembered, of course.

Every VueThru Photo system creates Memory Triggers. The visual product sends your customer back to the exact moment they simultaneously screamed and laughed at your location; flying upside down on your amazing roller coaster or shrieking in terror when your actor with the chainsaw jumped from behind the wall. Sight is one of the strongest senses that will keep guests coming back for more. The VueThru Pro Photo systems provide several types of memory triggers:


1. Social Media: When the camera fires, the photo is saved into a special Social Media folder and made available for uploads to Email. Depending on the event,....


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About VueThru Photo Systems

The VueThru Photo System is a collaborative product between VueThru, a custom photo booth manufacturer, and software developers specializing in event photography.

What VueThru offers

  • Experience: We share our combined years of knowledge and experience, in Event Photography, to provide the best opportunity for success.
  • Support:  We offer 100% support with online training videos, phone support, email, and TeamViewer.
  • Software:  VueThru, SocialVue Media integration software.
  • Graphics:  Use your natural environment or your Digital Graphics or ours. Training videos available for developing your own graphic templates including graphics.
  • Instructions:  Non-printing solutions available.
  • Tools:  Software, supplies, technical advise, equipment and consulting with on site installation and training options.
  • Supplies:  VueThru offers all supplies and always in stock.

What other customers are saying

“VueThru offers the perfect opportunity to increase revenue while providing customers with an opportunity to memorialize their experience at your attraction with a unique souvenir photo like no other that is sure to last for years to come!

The VueThru Pro Photo system is cost effective, easy to implement and even easier to use! Jay and his team are so easy to work with and are willing to do anything to make your event a complete success!”

—Nicci Fears, Phobius Haunted House


“VueThru’s photo booth system is loads of fun and a great fund raiser— it gets rave reviews from our guests! It’s easy to set up and use, and the customer service is unbeatable— they stand behind their products all the way.”

—Greg Miller, Preston Castle Foundation


Join the family and add your location to the growing list of locations that will be remembered.


Places you can find VueThru Pro Photo Products and Materials:


Bodies: The Exhibition Tour, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, Star Trek Experience. Universal Studios FL: The Incredible Hulk Ride, Jurassic Park River Adventure, Transformers: The Ride - 3D, The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman, MIB: Alien Attack Ride. Greensboro Science Center, NC Aquariums, Virginia Beach Aquarium, NC Zoo, The Creation Museum, Discover the Dinosaurs, Netherworld - Stone Mountain, Preston Castle - Ione, Comal Independent School District - New Braunfels, Catch the Moment - Houston, Madworld - Piedmont, Apocalypse - Tucson, Dark Hour Haunted House - Plano, Eastern State Penitentiary - Philadelphia, and many more!

How to Use a Digital Delivery Photo System

Use a Natural Feature, or Your Own Green Screen Digital Graphics or Choose One of Ours

  1. Take a Photo, Standard or Green Screen.  Click No and the Photo Automatically uploads to the Server.  The customer will be notified when their photo is ready for preview.  The customer previews and pays for their photo on their cell phone!

  2. GET PAID!  How much easier could that be!


  NOTE - Every location is different and each location wants to offer something different.  We build       custom systems that are modular and can fit together answering your needs!

Capture Image

How to Use a Print Delivery Photo System

Use a Natural Feature, or Your Own Green Screen Digital Graphics or Choose One of Ours

  1. Take a Photo, Standard or Green Screen.

  2. Choose a Template Frame or Digital Graphic Background (or set to Auto) and Print the photo.

  3. Hand your customer their personalized Photo Souvenir.


  NOTE - Every location is different and each location wants to offer something different.  We build       custom systems that are modular and can fit together answering your needs!

Capture Image



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Amazing Sales starts with an Amazing Product

Who would have guessed, amazing products at a fair price are easy to sell.


What makes a sellable product? A fresh new idea that the customer likes or wants but cannot create themselves.


VueThru Pro Systems uses photography with a twist. We've added the capabilities for your customers to email their photos, upload to Facebook or Twitter, as well as printing amazing Photo Souvenirs.


Done right, Photo Souvenirs sell themselves.  Your customers cannot create or buy a personalized Photo on their own. If your location offers and amazing photo op,  or digital green screen graphics with your brand and displays them in a well-lit location, sales won't be the problem, managing the lines will. Throwing in an email option is a great bonus to keeping those waiting guests happy.


Lets start with the most important component, the photo op area, either natural or created or if using green screen the digital graphics. If you do not offer your customer a high quality photo product, you may have noticed low sales. Trying to offer an old boring photo or making a brick wall look great is nearly impossible and no one will buy it.


To the right is an example of an amazing Digital Graphic template created by Brainstorm Design Group. The design is  brilliant. Every detailed inch of the image has high definition quality with great color contrast.

Great job Chuck! What customer would not want an Amazing Photo Souvenir like this one.
(If you do not have an amazing graphic template for your location, consider contacting Chuck at Brainstorm.)

Promotional and Instructional Videos

Click the button above the number to select a video and push arrow to start.

Directory of Videos: (click on button on video player above)

  1. Promotional Video
  2. Auto Photo Processing
  3. Creating Lenticular Flip Photos
  4. Restore Green Screen Tool
  5. Applying Presets
  6. Using Barcodes
  7. Setup an Event

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 CD Design Set - Special Green Screen Haunt Edition

or included as part of a souvenir package below

Serial Killer

Pumpkin Reaper

Flying Witch

House of Heads







CD Design Set - Amusement Park and Aquarium Edition

or included as part of a souvenir package below


Atlantis Aquarium

Concert Jam

Dino Attack

Dino X


Rockin Guitar



Times Square Dino

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The VueThru Pro System can use your:

* Natural Backgrounds

* Any Digital Graphic Template


If you already have a natural area set up for your photo op and want to quickly add a branded border or take green screen photos of your guests and use templates from your graphic artist/designer, we can work with them and supply examples of how to make backgrounds. Or if you want to offer a 3D Photo option. (See the next section below for 3D graphics tips & tricks and/or give us a call to set up a time for training). Also, you can provide us a layered Photoshop "PSD" file for your location and we will convert your graphic into a Kick Ass 3D Souvenir template for you to use.


If you do not have a template or a graphic artist/designer, we offer two different green screen Graphic Template CD sets.  You can add your location brand to one or all of the graphics provided. These design sets are also included in the VueThru Pro Photo Kits. (No additional fees or royalties) For more information on graphics give use a call at 702-897-6185.

Graphics Tips & Tricks

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Photo FAQ's

What makes the VueThru Pro Photo Souvenir System different?

We can tell you that the VueThru Pro Photo Software can do things your current solution cannot do. We can tell you that it's a better value. We can tell you that it gives you more product flexibility. In fact, we can go on all day about what sets the VueThru Pro Photo System apart. Instead, we recommend that you simply download it and try it for yourself or stop by our booth at a trade show or our office in Las Vegas.


What kind of experience do I need to operate the VueThru Pro Souvenir System?

None! We’ve designed the VueThru Pro Photo System to be easy and intuitive to operate. You don’t need photography or photo editing experience to produce great photo favors. We’ll provide all of the training and support you need to ensure your success through phone and online consultation, video tutorials, and documentation. Don’t worry… it’s not difficult. We also offer optional on-site support in some circumstances. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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