Photo Tip & Tricks

Which VueThru Photo Souvenir Systems is right for you?

Good question. If you are an event photographer with all the required equipment there is a chance all you will need is the 3D Graphic Templates.  If your just starting out the Turn Key System is the best deal.  Don't look at just the dollar signs and try to go for the lowest price.  These systems take us 2 - 3 weeks to get all the correct parts and configure completely.


Start Up Procedures

Jay's start up procedures for checking to make sure everything is ready to go before and event.



Practice Practice Practice!

Seriously, you can not wait until you get to the event to try 3D Pro Plus for the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd time and expect everything to work perfectly. What would happen if you did that driving a car! You need to set up the system and take it apart as many times as it takes for your to be comfortable.  Each time you need to do test photos and prints to make sure everything thing is connected correctly and that the camera is the correct camera as specified and that the printer drivers are installed and recognized on the PC.  Yes, you can call and we will try to help, but if you are at a location without WIFI  we can not see what is happening.  New employees who work for us, set up the systems everyday for weeks. They do test photos and prints and assemble the 3D Photos.  When done they take everything down.


Green Screen Photo Set Up

We like to have 10 feet from the green screen to the camera.  We put a piece of tape on the floor where we want the customer to stand and that is normally about 2-3 feet away from the green screen.  If customer are right on top of the green screen you can see a dark shadow around the customer created by the camera flash.


Include your actors in costume to the products

One on the great benefits of a 3D Pro Plus system is it digital.  Meaning you can take hundreds, thousands of photos. To help with sales consider taking green screen photos of your actors in costume, removing the green, and saving them into your clipart folder to add them into the customer photos.  When your customer comes up to buy a photo ask them who was their favorite actor and add that actors clipart to the customer photo.

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