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What is a Flip lenticular?

A Flip lenticular is when you have two or more images interlaced together. When the lenticular lens is attached, you are able to see each image separately when viewing from various angles.


How hard is it to do a Flip Lenticular?

Lenticular Printing is not rocket science but it can be frustrating at times. We currently have videos for both 3D and Flip available to demonstrate how simple Lenticular actually can be.


What is a 3D lenticular?

A 3D lenticular is a holographic effect developed when placing a lenticular lens over a 3D interlaced photo.


How hard is it to do a 3D Lenticular?

Not hard. The 3D graphics are prepared using layers in Photoshop. The 3D converted layers can be printed then, or saved for a future event.

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