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Lenticular FAQ's


What is

We teach our customers how to create their own lenticular images and provide them lenticular supplies. We strive to do whatever we can to help you with your lenticular needs; whether its for business, school or personal interest.


What is a 3D lenticular?

A 3D lenticular is a holographic effect developed when placing a lenticular lens over a 3D interlaced photo.


What is a Flip lenticular?

A Flip lenticular is when you have two or more images interlaced together. When the lenticular lens is attached, you are able to see each image separately when viewing from various angles.


How hard is it to do a 3D or Flip Lenticular?

Lenticular Printing is not rocket science but it can be frustrating at times. Our team has put our heads together to create the easiest training products to help teach anyone the basics of Lenticular Printing. We currently have videos for both 3D and Flip available to demonstrate how simple Lenticular actually is.


Why do I need to do a Training Project?

The purpose of the training projects is to ensure that your equipment is working correctly and that you are properly following the instructions step by step. We inform all of our customers that following the interlacing, printing and laminating instructions is critical when working with any lenticular project. Each project comes with printed samples. These samples are used as targets for you to compare your own lenticular print after completing the project. Without completing a project, we cannot diagnose any issues that occur when creating your own lenticular prints.


What if I don't own Photoshop but just want to try out 3D lenticular?

You can download a 30 day trial of Photoshop on


What if I don't have a Windows computer? If you're using a Mac, Windows can be downloaded onto your computer by using Parallels, VMware Fusion or Boot Camp.Another choice is to look in to used Windows XP computers off of Craig's List or eBay.


How can I attach the lenticular lens?

Our lenticular lens comes with an optically clear adhesive already on the lens. We have two videos available demonstrating how to attach a lens by using a squeegee or a laminator.


How do I use the VueThru 3D Frame?

3D Photo Frame Demonstration Video


How do I make a purchase on

How to Order Online Video


Can I order custom sized lens that are not available on the VueThru store?

Yes. Customers can call our office (702.897.6185) to receive information and quoting for custom orders.


Can I order the lenticular lens without the optically clear adhesive?

Yes. While checking out, customers can write in the comment box that they wish to have the lens without the



Does VueThru ship internationally?

Yes. We ship to all countries across the globe. You can select your country during the checkout process. If your country is unavailable, you can call us at 702.897.6185 or email us at, tell us your country and we will add it into the system.


How thick are the lenticular lenses?

40LPI Lens: 0.033 inches (8.382 millimeters)

60LPI Lens: 0.028 inches (7.112 millimeters)


What is the viewing angle for the lenticular lenses?

40LPI Flip: 49 degrees

60LPI 3D: 27 degrees


What is a Pitch Test and do I need to do one?

A Pitch Test is a tool in SuperFlip!5 you can use to calibrate the LPI (Lines Per Inch) number of your printer and lens size. However, you may not require a Pitch Test. We provide estimated LPI numbers for InkJet and Thermal printers. If these numbers do not work for your project, a Pitch Test is necessary. For more information, you can view the Pitch Test Video


What printer works for me?

If you are making a high quantity of lenticular images, we recommend using a thermal printer, like the Dye Sub DNP DS40 or DS620A or QW410. If your are printing a low quantity, a simple InkJet printer will do. We recommend using the Canon iP7220 or a HP OfficeJet Pro 8000.  Honestly any newer Canon, HP or Epson printer should work.


How can I get a more detailed Flip Lenticular?

A 60LPI lens will provide a higher quality image for sizes 5x7 and smaller compared to a 40LPI lens. Anything bigger than a 5x7 can only be done with the 40LPI lens.


Can I use SuperFlip!5 to create 3D images?

The complimentary version of SuperFlip!5 we provide our customers is mainly for Flip. 3D is possible for using multiple images to create a 3D lenticular but we currently do not have any videos or instructions available. We prefer using Photoshop to create layered 3D images so we can control the distance and depth of the different layers.


VueThru Custom Orders are cut to sizes requested by the customer.


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