Webcam Photo Systems

Take advantage of social media popularity with a custom built Photo Booth that reflects your unique brand. The self-operated and easy-to-use software walks visitors through the steps of capturing and sharing their own photo via FaceBook, Twitter, SMS Text, Email and more, while allowing you to gain valuable information from surveys & data collection. Add photo printing for an excellent revenue opportunity. See what a Social Sharing Station can do for your business. Examples: Haunt locations, Escape Rooms, Amusement Parks, Aquariums, Museums and Gift Shop locations.

SocialVue Photo System

• Custom branded removable acrylic display frames

• Windows 10 PC with HD webcam

• Black or White powder coated metal case

• VESA wall mount

• Live2Social software for standard photos

• Share via Email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS Text, Pinterest, Smugmug & Print

• Low cost customer acquisition

• Built in surveys and data collection

• Integration for credit card and money collection

• Optional:  PC upgrade for green screen photos, custom acrylic frame for your location, matching metal floor stand, tripod, upgraded PC for green screen photos and professional printer with case.

Price includes a Stock Acrylic Frame with your Brand / Location

Choose from one of our many stock acrylic frame examples for Birthdays, Weddings or ask us about building a custom acrylic frame for your location.

Portable SocialVue Photo Systems

Software Information:

Live2Social for photo capture system